Getting in shape is high on everyone’s new year resolution. However, it is no easy feat due to many reasons. Even when we do make the effort, it’s tough to keep it up for many reasons.

1) Boring and mundane workouts
2) Not knowing what exactly to do
3) Too many people at the gym
4) Schedule is too packed
5) Lack of motivation


We’re a mixed HIIT (high-intensity-interval-training) fitness studio that seeks to provide the most immersive environment and motivating trainers that work hand in hand to deliver the most exciting, effective and efficient workouts.

HIIT workouts torch the highest amounts of calories within the shortest workout time. At The Zone, we switch up our daily workouts so you can have fun while your body consistently gets the fullest out of every effort! So be ready to torch some serious calories and work out a massive sweat every single time you train with us.

Be Ready, to Enter The Zone!